Our Services



Leave the planning to us. You can have your ceremony the way that you envision.


This is a Service that is held the first Sunday of each month ( unless specified due to holidays ). The Ministerial Staff will pick the topic for that service. Service includes Healing, Messages, and Discussion of Topic. Rev. Susan Nigra is the owner of The Spirit Gathering Church


Connecting with your Loved Ones and Guides on the Other Side can bring you Closure, Peace and the feeling of Unconditional Love.

65.00 ( 30 min ) 80.00 ( 45 min ) Medium/Card 120.00 ( 60 min )


Card Readings may reveal present situations, upcoming personal events, past events that you might need to correct. All Life Experiences. We offer Oracle Card Readings, Angel Card Readings and Mana Card Readings. Each reader has a strong connection to the cards they read and to the Angels and Spirits that they work with.

65.00 ( 30 min ) Medium/Card 120.00 ( 60 min )


We offer a variety of classes at the Center. Spiritual / Intuitive Development, Past Life Regression (group), Meditation, Blessing Bowl (Angels), Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong Meditation. We also offer Certification Classes in Reiki ( all levels ), Past Life Regressionist, IET Integrated Energy Therapy ( all levels )


Open for ages 7 thru 12 who have a gift of Intuition, ESP and Healing. We offer Psychic Development classes that include study of the Aura, Chakra’s, different exercises to raise their vibrations and be with others of like kind. Parents are welcome to stay.


Jean Hendricks is an Angel Expert. She is an Angel Channel, Angelic Energy Alchemist, Certified Medical Intuitive and Angelic Life Coach Mentor.
She is also an IET® Master Instructor/Practitioner, Lightarian® Reiki Master/Practitioner
and Certified Crystal Healer. Jean is the Owner of Sparkle with Angels


Explore another YOU !!! Have you visited a place for the first time and feel De ja Vu? Or have you met someone for the first time and had an instant connection or dislike for them? Come and let us guide you through deep meditation to a life before this and learn some interesting things about yourself.


Kirsten De la Torre is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and also Certified in IET ( Integrated Energy Therapy ). She does healing and meditation using the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong. Kirsten is the owner at Unfold Your Wings LLC


We offer a variety of healing modalities. Reiki is a hands on healing session connecting with the energy from the universe. Rev. Don Johnson is a Healing Conduit for Spirit as they do the healing through him. Jean Hendricks offers IET Healing which is done by working with the Angels. Rose Water Healing is offered by Kirsten De la Torre

Please be advised. We cannot make a diagnosis. We do not claim to heal your illness. Any services including Healings and Readings are not meant to take the place of medical treatment both physically and emotionally. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.