Meet Our Readers
Alphabetical Order
By First Name
Charlotte Belavilas

              Charlotte is an gifted  Intuitive that uses a pendulum to channel information
              from her Guides. Her session will include messages and answers to
     your questions.
Wendy Preis

Wendy is a natural spiritual intuitive. Her readings are lovingly guided by the
Intergalactic energies, Angelic Angels, Ascended Masters and the Elemental
kingdoms co-creating a natural playful connection with your internal DNA and
with the divine Mother Earth, our beautiful living blue-green planet.
Denise Doran

Denise Doran has been working as an intuitive-medium for 25 years. She
merges her psychic and clairvoyant gifts, to guide her clients with great detail
and accuracy. She also relays messages from loved ones that have passed,
to help clients find insight and closure.
Kimberly Glaskey
Kimberly is a psychic medium with over 20 years experience doing psychic
tarot readings. She works in God's light and love giving messages from the
Angels, Masters, Guides, and the Spirit Realm.  She is a natural intuitive
consultant that uses her gifts to assist people to move through blockages to
create peace, harmony, and love in their life. With her ability she will
provide you with insight, guidance, and direction. She will help you find the
right path to reach your true potential, by giving you the tools to empower
your own life.
Monique Arcand

Monique gives psychic readings under a light state of trance where entities
are present and seek to communicate with her to address the needs of those
who ask for her help. These messages can be about present, past life
experiences or probable future outcomes, after which additional
guidance is given.
Sue Freeman
Sue uses crystals and a variety of cards with images as her tools.  She has
chosen to be of service so she can assist others in their journey of healing
and growth.  Her metaphysical journey began fourteen years ago and is
committed to helping others through psychic readings, spiritual counseling
and healing work. Sue has been on Psychic Platform answering psychic
questions from those in the audience.  
Susan C. Nigra
Susan is a Medium and has been working with Spirit for
over 25 years. She is also Bishop of the Spirit Gathering Church.
She is dedicated to helping others through their grieving process by
relaying messages from the Other Side. Susan is also a
Spiritual Counselor and has help many through life's difficult situations.

Readings will be $ 30.00 for 15 minutes
$ 30.00 for ( 15 mins )
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